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If you’re searching for “AST Suspension”, your quest ends here. Call To Grid is proud to be a leading provider of AST suspension products – renowned for delivering excellent vehicle performance, enhanced handling dynamics, and superior ride quality.


AST – The Ultimate Game Changer in Vehicle Suspensions

Amplify your driving experience with our exclusive range of AST products. As one of the world’s most respected premium suspension brands, AST has a legacy of revolutionizing driving dynamics with its state-of-the-art design assembled from high-quality materials.

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Experience Optimized Handling with AST

A well-maintained suspension system holds significant power in transforming your rides from plain to extraordinary. At Call To Grid, our handpicked selection of AST suspension products promises just that. Be it for a street-commute car or a high-performance racing vehicle, AST suspension upgrades will deliver the precision control and response you crave.

Why Choose Call To Grid For Your AST Suspension Needs?

As proven automotive enthusiasts passionate about optimizing vehicle performance, we at Call To Grid understand the critical role a top-notch suspension system plays in granting a superior driving experience. That’s why we vouch for and provide solutions like the pioneering AST Suspension, ensuring improved cornering, deceleration, and swift reaction to road surface changes.

The History of the AST Suspension System

Founded by Piet Kreeft in 2000, AST Suspension brought decades of motorsports chassis and suspension development experience to the US market. Piet’s experience involved working with F1 legend Niki Lauda in the 1960’s alongside being the suspension engineer for the 1989 IndyCar World Champion, Emmerson Fittipaldi. He was also very active in IndyCar chassis and suspension development.

Shop for High-Quality & Reliable AST Suspensions Today

Ready to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level? Explore our comprehensive catalog of dependable, durable, and dynamic AST Suspension upgrades at Call To Grid. Reach out to our experienced team with any queries or support needs — we’re here and happy to help guide you towards making the best investment for your vehicle’s potential.