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#OklahomaOwned Call to Grid was created to serve the grassroots racer! We offer only the most premier brands for the driver, car, and shop to help keep you safe, looking good and on the podium! We develop original content to help you and the car find speed! We know why you race; it’s the desire, discipline and determination required to do something well. It’s the camaraderie you experience at the track with people who share this passion of motorsports! Join us at Call to Grid to join the community of passionate drivers like yourself today!


Equipment from the best manufacturers, choose for every taste and color, a variety of sizes are available

The Latest pro tip for the driver

Call to Grid breaks down chassis adjustments you can make to correct for an understeer condition or oversteer condition.

Quick and easy adjustments for overseering of under steering
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The Latest pro tip for the car describes the last skill most drivers develop, the brakes. By using the skills described you’ll be able to get to wide open throttle (WOT) sooner, gaining speed, entering the next brake zone at higher rate of speed, lowering your lap time and moving up the grid and the podium.

Guide To Early Throttle Application The Brakes Pt. 1
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The Latest pro tip for safety helps make sense of Head and Neck Restraint (HNR) technology. Differences between the designs are described as well as the various anchor types available such as the M6 or M61. We also describe how to properly adjust your HNR and how to accurately select one based on the angle of your seat (layback).
Understanding Head and Neck Restraint Systems
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Walkinshaw Andretti United will race a Ford Mustang for Gen3 in 2023. Hear from Ryan Walkinshaw, Bruce Stewart and others on the reasons behind announcement in this video.

WAU to race Gen3 Ford Mustang in 2023
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Improving the driver

Improving the car

Driver Safety

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